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Did Metal Gear Survive downgraded?

Konami is trying to keep up with the metal Gear Survive and Kojima’s brand, this time with quite different mechanics compared to other Metal Gear games. As a result of Konami ‘s separation, many players are not thrilled about Konami’ s new game, which leaves the cool story part on one side and works on co – op survival mechanics. On the other hand, the YouTube channel Cycu1, which is famous for its graphical comparisons, compared it with the first publicity videos of Metal Gear Survive.

Did  Metal Gear Survive downgraded?

When we look at the comparison, we see that the character’s image has changed first. It is necessary to respect the decision of the developers who prefer a bearded character who flees lightly instead of a blond character. But we can not say the same thing for environmental models. Because it is obvious that some of the modeling of the environment is completely absent or that most of the models are being played.

Besides all this, it is obvious that the lighting effects are being swept away. So if the game is a little we can say downgrade. Let’s see what Konami is going to face with a production?

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