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Echo of Soul Phoenix 2.0 update released

Echo of Soul Phoenix 2.0 update is now available for EOS players. The update will celebrate with various activities Team EOS Turkey, also made a statement about this update. The explanation given by the company is as follows;

Echo of Soul Phoenix 2.0 update released

The Phoenix who gives the name to the update will fight alongside the players. With the in-game Phoenix Event, players will dedicate special monies to their creativity from the creatures they kill, and they will arrive at great gifts with the activity boxes they have obtained from them. Phoenix is ​​one of them. It will give you special buffs that will strengthen your character and collect your booty.

The EOS entry awards have been updated with new patches and the Griffon passengers, which everyone is looking forward to, are now at EOS! Players who have long awaited these magnificent creatures will also have Griffons in social media events. In addition, the EOS team, who also plans a different Entry Activity after the update, has prepared a special gift for the players for 1 week.

It’s now easier to jump with the update! In addition, all day missions in the EOS universe will score twice as many experience points over the course of the month. We have good news for the players who will play the new Knight class in the in-game events. With the opening of Phoenix 2.0, they will get a special package to celebrate all 70 Levels of the Knights, up to 70 by the beginning of the year.

More Phoenix 2.0 Now Available!

The EOS team will be confronted with many more innovations, not just events, but will be releasing content to the game with Phoenix 2.0 through social media channels. In addition, events such as the guide video contest, the best knight series will also make it easier for the players to characterize and make adapting to Phoenix 2.0 easier.

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