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First 1 hour of survival based Metal Gear Survive released

As you know Metal Gear Survive will pass after Phantom Pain and take the players to an alternative time. New information for the upcoming game continues to come. After a short narration in the new video of the game, the first 1 hour portion was included.


When is Metal Gear Survive’s PC beta?

When we look at this story of the game, we see storytelling and some of the intermediate scenes, then the character-making part is out of sync. We will check out a soldier in the Mother Base who is swallowed by the black hole in the vote and drifting to an alternative time like the others. It is also one of our goals to develop our own base in the construction, where there are side missions other than main tasks.


Of course, apart from story mode, the game also features a co-op mode for 4 people. You will defeat the creatures that came in as 4 players, and this PC version date was announced after the console bet for this multiplayer mode. According to the statement made, the PC of the game will take place between 16 – 18 February 2018.


Remember, the game’s release date is February 22nd. You can take a look at these videos of Metal Gear Survive.

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