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Fortnite’s new Battle Pass Season 3

The Battle Royale is now officially addressing the most players, and Fortnite continues to acquire new features in each update. Developers who announced on the day we left Battle Pass Season 3 finally came up with the details of what will happen to the game with this package. Fortnite, the number one player and the biggest competitor behind PUBG, is the platform that appeals to millions of players on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Congratulations to Epic Games, which, unlike PUBG, has made the game faster. It is obvious that they are more involved with the community.


The contents of Battle Pass Season 3 which will be coming to Fortnite With Battle Pass Season 3

– 6 outfits

– 3 new digging

– 4 new expressions

– 3 new hand gliders

– 3 pieces of Back Blings (bag to put accessories on)

– Accessory used during 5 Skydiving

– Wallpaper for 8 new install screens

– 23 new banners

– 21 new chat expressions

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