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God of War developer announces new Iron Man game

David Jaffe, who developed Twisted Metal and the God of War series, announced that the new Iron Man game was developed for the PlayStation VR platform. We are wondering how David Jaffe and his team, who worked in the old God of War games and have done great work on PlayStation 2, will come up with a job. According to the specifications, when playing the game on the PlayStation VR, the microfounder connected to the system is J.A.R.V.I.S. We will talk to you. J.A.R.V.I.S. Tony Stark, who has developed artificial intelligence technology, will be in a fairly tight communication with the popular virtual character in the story. From time to time we enter the Iron Man armor and exit the various missions and wonder what exactly the game will look like.


Iron Man game for PlayStation VR

On the other hand, it was a bit surprised that Marvel gave a license to a small studio Iron Man. We already had a Batman game on the PlayStation VR platform. When we were able to use the qualities of Batman, we could go to night time and walk around the buildings. We could really feel ourselves as Batman in the presence of a private and small story within ourselves.

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