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Grand Theft Auto: Online of a new tool unveiled

In the past weeks, Rockstar, who organized a special campaign for Valentine day, presented new vehicles and discounts to the players. Valentine days was a special tool and two-fold experience points from the task, of course GTA: Online has also attracted players and raised the number of players. As always, Rockstar continues to add vehicles to Grand Theft Auto: Online, introducing the new car yesterday.


Those interested in cars already know what vehicle the 190z was inspired from

Added as a “new” model, the Karin 190z Sports Classic actually has a 1970s chassis. Rockstar’s Karin 190z is easily inspired by the popular Datsun brand vehicles in Japan, and if you want to buy a car, it’s starting to sell at $ 900,000 at Legendary Autosport. Rockstar has just added a new one to its list of cars, as well as introducing most expensive items. Discounts on luxury yachts and vehicles are between 25% and 30%.

The tombs included in the game with Doomsday Heist, which was released free of charge to players during the past month, also have a discount of 25%. It is recommended that you keep your hand quickly so as not to miss these discounts that will last for about a week.

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