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Great screen shots came from the latest version of Star Citizen

While Star Citizen developers are now celebrating the transition to Alpha 3.0, a foreign player has created an enormous album of in-game screenshots. Screen images posted on Dsogaming site will be very pleased with the players who can not access Alpha 3.0 version of Star Citizen. At the moment, Star Citizen is one of the players’ most waiting games, forcing all gamers to buy a new video card thanks to its gigantic world and detail level.


Star Citizen

The new screenshots posted for Star Citizen are great

Developers who have turned on Alpha 3.0 to all gamers who donate to the game have just opened this version with a private donor. The developer team, which upgraded the level of detail in the new version of the ship, states that the game has also been modified for trade mechanics. Thanks to realistic animations, StarCitizen’s donation amount in front of its competitors in the space simulation class is close to 175 million dollars. The game, which is donated by about 2 million players, has new features every day.


It is estimated that developers who can not bring the end of the game will complete Star Citizen within 2 years at the latest. Finally, let me say that the screenshots will exploit your cottage.

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