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Great video posted for Dynasty Warriors 9

Dynasty Warriors 9, along with the production team that has developed a lot of cool players, has released a new video to show the difference between the last game and the ninth game. The developers who added a big open world to Dynasty Warriors 9 did not just have to add the open world, but filled the interior of the open world with dozens of details. Developers who have added hunting mechanics to Dynasty Warriors 9 will also want to find hunting materials to improve our possessions. It is said that the actions you perform in one task through the interdependent tasks can also affect other tasks.

A new video has been released for Dynasty Warriors 9

We will also be able to decorate our house with the ninth play. Will developers who do not give much information about home decorations will keep this direction rich? Koei Tecmo, who also added new characters in the series, has now added a special game end to each character. In other games, we could see the end of the nation we were connected to when we finished the game.

We will try to bring peace to China in the scenario of the new game that will tell the battle of the three kingdoms. With the most detailed and detailed content of the Dynasty Warriors that has been developed so far, we will fall in love again with huge armies.

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