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Griezmann made UEFA Europa League final in Fortnite goal

Fortnite everywhere

At the final of the UEFA Europa League last night, the team scored the first goal for Atletico Madrid and Antoine Griezmann lived up to the strange dancing inspired by Fortnite.


Fortnite goals from Antonie Griezmann joy

Fortnite‘s popularity in the Battle Royale game, which has become one of the most played online games in recent years and has settled in the first place, even in terms of the number of players that sometimes play instantly, seems to have made a ceiling in recent months. So much so that famous names appeared to be Fortnite enthusiasts. We learned that the famous publisher Ninja was right and the singer Drake was a Fortnite player. During the days we spent in Chelsea, Thibaut Courtois, Fortnite was wearing a glove with a camera.


Chelsea’s goalkeeper uses Fortnite emblem goalkeeper glove


Apparently, Fortnite madness is reflected in the sport world as well. Antonie Griezmann, who scored his first goal, celebrated his goal with a Fortnite dancing, when he played yesterday and Atletico Madrid had a clear score of 3-0 against Marseille. It was also a matter of curious whether Griezmann, a Fortnite player, who exhibited exactly the same Fortnite’s “Take The L” charm, was quite successful. Griezmann had the same goal in April when he passed.

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