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GTA: Online has special tools and discounts for Valentine’s Day

As Valentine’s Day approaches, most gaming platforms and online games, discounts or free content are available. Rockstar Games will present the players with a special Hot Rod-type vehicle to celebrate this special Day of Sevenths Day. Hot Rod’s brand is Vapid Hustler, but the difference is that it can be customized by Rockstar, a kind of “Custom”.


There are also discounts with Valentine’s Day

At $ 625,000 GTA, Vapid Hustler will be available for sale at Legendary Motorsport starting from tomorrow. Only with this is the chance to win double GTA $ and RP in discounts and game modes. Double GTA $ and RP are the game modes in which you can win, Deadline, Lost etc. Damned, Resurrection, Slasher and Till Death Do Us Apart. In addition, as we mentioned, some important tools, yachts and houses will be discounted.

Grand Theft Auto: Online‘s event will be activated tomorrow on PC, PS4 and Xbox consoles. At the same time, Rockstar was able to stay true to the theme, at least by 25% off for couples’ clothing, tattoos and equipment.

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