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GTA series fake game: AQP City

The Grand Theft Auto series has probably become a series that touches the lives of all the players. The Grand Theft Auto series, one of the console’s best-selling game series, is seen as a game to be inspired as well as being the most difficult game to imitate. We can easily understand this from the Watch Dogs example developed by Ubisoft.

New videos for AQP City similar to the GTA series

However, an independent developer has decided to make a new game by combining the mechanics inspired by the Grand Theft Auto series. New videos came about the game, which was named AQP City, which was advertised during the periods we left behind and looked impossible to develop. Jhosep Chevarria Capacoila, who has informed his followers that he is still developing the game, is developing the game with Unreal Engine 4.

Contrary to Grand Theft Auto series, it is said that there will be elements like wild nature in giving a more relaxing atmosphere. I personally think that you will remain a game project and never be driven to the market. A game like Grand Theft Auto will take years to develop with a fairly small team.

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