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Half-Life: adapted to Blue Shift, Source Engine

Half-Life, released in 1997, still has a huge player base. Along with the modification part, there are still players working on SpeedRun and even GoldSrc. One of them Nikolay Aulov succeeded in adapting Blue Shift, the original Half-Life‘s additional package, to the Source Engine.

We keep running after Gordon Freeman

When I say Source Engine, it’s not like Crowbar Entertainment’s “Black Mesa” project. Valve officially adapted Counter Strike and the former Half Life to the Source Engine towards the end of the 2000s. On this count, the line added a vitality. New Source Engine mechanics such as Ragdoll and dynamic water effects have been added to Half Life, but there has been little improvement in terms of graphics. Of course, the mod producers who want to develop it catch on success with productions like Black Mesa or Half-Life: Opposing Force.

Continuing to work on the mod, Aulov shared about half an hour of video on YouTube. It is not clear when the mode will end, but you are sure that it will feel as new as Half-Life Source. You can watch the video on behalf of adaptation from official website.

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