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How does Agony’s review scores of the new horror game

Could the game give you the expectation?

Agony‘s review scores have been published in the past few days and the highly anticipated horror game Agony. When we look at the points, we see that the game can not give much expectation. The game, which had difficulty in meeting the expectations, was the most criticized point, mechanics. In the mechanical sense, the construction which is not placed on a proper base seems to have received low scores for this reason. Agony, the Amnesia series and the rival of Alien Isolation, is not enough in terms of horror stuff at the same time.


Agony review scores

There is no way to play censored without censoring all the platforms. Agony‘s sales, which are mediocre in the sense of the story, probably will not be appreciated by the developer. With the Kickstarter project, the production was passed on to console platforms after finding the necessary sponsors afterwards. On the technical side, the only good thing about the game on Unreal Engine 4 is shown as realistic coverings and voices. Let’s see, at the end of the day, will the players like Agony?


– Merlin’s Winner 35

– 79

– Eurogamer Italy 70

– Hooked Gamers 65

– 3DJuegos 50

– IGN 40

– Game Informer 35

– GameSpot 30

– Twinfinite 30

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