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How many pieces did Heavy Rain sell up to now?

Heavy Rain has made the PlayStation 3’s sales so much better that Sony seems to be quite satisfied with the console’s release. Quantic Dream’s latest reports, which give a cinematic narration to the players’ control, show how successful Heavy Rain is. According to the statistics, the game has already reached 5.3 million units sales on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 platforms. We can say that Heavy Rain, which costs about 20 million dollars, is very profitable for Sony. We are curious how much the Detroit: Become Human will sell for $ 36 million on the other side. But we can certainly look at Detroit: Become Human to sell more than Heavy Rain.

How many copies did Heavy Rain sell up to now?

With Telltale Games, cinematic scenes that come to the saturation point are liked to a large amount of space to include the player. We can also imagine Quantic Dream, his master, to be confronted with much more successful mechanics than Telltale games. Finally, Heavy Rain is reported to have sold 1 million more in the six-month period we left behind.

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