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How much did Horizon:Zero Dawn sell worldwide?

Thanks to Horizon: Zero Dawn, the PlayStation 4 players have a chance to come up with a unique adventure. VGChartz explained how much it sold to game distributors for the game, which was considered successful worldwide. If we look at shared statistics, Horizon: Zero Dawn has reached 4,193,428 sales figures over the distributors. Horizon: Zero Dawn has achieved the best sales in Europe. The Horizon: Zero Dawn, which sold 2.03 million units at a rate of 48 percent, sold 1.19 million units in the Americas. Immediately after these two regions, Japan comes to be expected. Successful gaming in Japan has reached a sales figure of 0.5 million units and has a cake slice of 5 percent.

It’s obvious how much Horizon: Zero Dawn sold

The game for America on February 28, 2017 and for Europe on March 1, 2017 are some of the best PlayStation 4 games we have left behind, even if they have some deficiencies. We had the opportunity to see a wide open world and successful art designs in the production of Aloy’s engaging adventure.

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