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How much has Super Mario Odyssey sold?

With the Super Mario Odyssey, Nintendo has made quite a good return to the scenes, and thanks to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, he was able to impress the players this year. Now it was announced by VGChartz how much it sold in the first week of Super Mario Odyssey. According to the information disclosed, the game has sold 2,148,546 in the first week. It did not surprise us that a game like Super Mario Odyssey left behind 2 million barracks in the first week. Just as there were hundreds of thousands of players buying consoles just to play the new Mario.


Super Mario Odyssey

How much did Super Mario Odyssey sell in the first week?

When we land in the region, we see the game sold mostly in the United States. In the United States, which is 40 percent ahead, 849,497 copies have been sold. Europe comes in 26 percent behind him. As you can imagine after Europe selling 567,863 Super Mario Odysseys, Japan’s region comes in at 24 percent. In Japan, the game was able to sell 511,592 units.


Super Mario Odyssey, who was nominated for the Game of the Year award, has made both his developer and his players happy.

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  1. very successful. I think there will be more sales. My child game : ))

    Muro on December 30 | Reply

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