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How much space is expected to cover the highly anticipated RYO Vampyr?

You do not have to open up a lot of space for the game.

It was announced on June 5 how much space Vampyr will take on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms. According to the information provided, the game will occupy 14 GB on the PlayStation 4 platform. We can estimate how large the game world will be after this information comes out on Amazon’s market page. It is stated that deep RYO items will be in the vote of Victorian Period England.

What is the file size of the Vampyr game?

It is unclear how much space the game will occupy exactly on the Xbox One and PC platforms. But it will still occupy an area close to 14 GB. The game developed by Dontnod Entertainment is among the information that will give us a couple of mechanics to be a vampire.


In 1918, we will check the name of the doctor Jonathan Reid. Finally, remember that the game with 4K support on the PC side can cover more space than the consoles on the PC wing.


At first glance, it is unclear how the game’s optimizations, like the Witcher series, will look. Developers who do not publish any demo related to the game will be able to satisfy the hopeful players.

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