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Images were published for the new characters of Shenmue III

The Shenmue legend, popularized by Dreamcast at the end of the 1990s, will go on to the PS4 platform this year as it is known, Yu Suzuki, the original producer of the Shenmue series, will continue to experience the Shenmue legend with his old employees and new studios. Several trailers and visuals on behalf of the Shenmue III over the past few months indicate that the game is in the making and that it will soon develop even further.


New characters, separate stories

Shenmue III was a mockery with previously published trailers. When we had time, advanced graphics and sound actors were found, the value given to Shenmue was thought to be zero. After the fragman posted at the Sony conference, Yu Suzuki said that fans will not be bored and that such problems will be solved easily. Suzuki and his team share new information about the Shenmue III with players every week. The day we passed, the high-quality images of a few characters to be found in the story were presented to the players by Sega.

Shenmue III is expected to be released to the Playstation 4 platform in the third quarter of the current year. Yu Suzuki works on Shenmue every day to give gamers the best experience.

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