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Is it a new Mafia game?

The Mafia 3 and Hangar 13, which also signed their first games, came out quite differently from a new project. Horizon: Some of the team members who worked on Zero Dawn appeared to have gone on to this project.

Could the developed game Mafia 4 be?

Guerilla Games and finally a Horizon Zero Dawn working on a team of production company has left the Hangar 13 said. Moreover, David Ford and Mark Norris, who are among the most important names in the game, are reported to be part of this team. Even when we look at David Ford’s profile, we see that Hangar 13 is one of the chief designers.

Already this announcement comes from David Ford himself. “I am now in Guerilla Games and I am now working as the design manager for Hangar 13,” said Ford, who made a statement on his own Twitter address, saying that it is now time to make a statement about the situation.

Of course, after all these details, Hangar 13 has made a new open world game. It is also stated that the company is working on this game and it is accelerating to work with the new team. Hangar 13, which was founded under the 2K Games roof in 2014, does not have a game other than Mafia 3. We may have delivered a new Mafia game to the 2K company, or we might be able to see a similar game. Time will show .. What do you think?

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  1. Realy! Its been long time. Finally.

    Michael on December 30 | Reply

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