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It is certain that the new character of Overwatch will not be Turkish

During the days we left, Overwatch was talking about the future of a Turkish character. The resulting information Emre Sarioglu is a character we learned that fought shoulder to shoulder with Torbjörn Reinhardt and last operation in Turkey. We thought that Emre Sarıoğlu character would be added to the game in the direction of this information. However, this topic, which has been very busy throughout the world of video game agenda, was a misplaced mistake.


Overwatch’s new character will not be Turkish

In this new letter, Torbjörn’s letter tells how Torbjörn gave his daughter Bridgitte the name. Afterwards, overwatch’s picture from a Twitter account, Slaga v3.0 did not escape our attention with a special hammer. After this information, Overwatch‘s Twitter account in Japan was tweeted with a Tweet featuring the location of the short fragment file of the Bridgitte name character. Thus, we can say that the new hero has been confirmed to be Bridgitte in the Honor and Glory videos.


We can guess that the character of Emre Sarıoğlu that emerged in the end is probably going to play later. Nevertheless, Blizzard excited Turkish fans for a short period of time, hoping to add a theme to my country and to add character to the game.

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