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It is obvious that there would be a lootbox in Battlefield 5

I feel great in my lootbox.

The new Battlefield game Battlefield 5, which has been working on the DICE team for about 2 years, was finally introduced at night. It was stated that there will not be a Premium Pass in the new vote that will take the players to the Second World War time. After this announcement of the developer team that brought in the Premium Pass system for most Battlefield games up to now, I was wondering how EA Games would make extra money. So he thought he would be a lootbox in the cast.


Will it be a lotobox in Battlefield 5?

The Electronic Arts spokesman said the curious players would be lootboxing at Battlefield 5 to get their curiosity, but it would be at a more harmless level. So the lootboxes in the competition will be filled with only cosmetic content. So we will not encounter the lootboxes that will force players into the game like they do in Star Wars: Battlefront.


When we deal with all of this, we can predict that there will be a much more detailed weapon or character development in the game. A similar situation exists in Ubisoft’s FPS game Rainbow: Six Siege. You can shape your character and weapons in detail according to your own style, thanks to these boxes of goods that only offer cosmetic content to the player.

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