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KOEI Tecmo apologizes to players for delayed update

Dynasty Warriors has been exciting for about five or six months, and has been releasing it to PC and PS4 platforms in the last few weeks. Dynasty Warriors series, which is different from other hack ‘n slash games as genre, has even made it to the favorite production status by some players. The game in which you run your character against the great enemy waves and make big combo is really fun, when it is given certain duties, of course it is old.

If I say eyebrow makeup, it is this

Koei Tecmo excited most gamers for the upcoming Dynasty Warriors 9 and said, “I will definitely spend my money on it.” He stumped. The day it was broadcast proved that it was not true with the return, and most of the players were annoyed. The optimization problems of the day and the unprecedented likeness of the series were filled with “Most Negative” comments on the Steam page. The update, which was released a few days after the release of Dynasty Warriors 9, was expected to solve most of the construction problems, but it did not.

Koei Tecmo has been working on an update with the posting from the official Twitter account. At the same time, apologizing, Koei Tecmo stated that the update will be published as soon as possible.

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