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Labo got Nintendo billions before he got out

There is a significant reason why game companies have to make announcements that they have made at a certain time or create excitement before the announcement. we can say that these announcements are reflected in the stock market values ​​of firms if they bring sound and raise expectations. Especially in the big companies, these plays on the stock market are affecting almost all of the announcements. As a matter of fact, we saw similar examples on the announcement like Red Dead Redemption 2 and witnessed the rise in Take 2 stocks. A similar situation came from Nintendo Labo.

Labo begins to earn Nintendo

Nintendo’s great interest in the Labo project, which we announced in the days we passed, has begun to be talked about good or bad. Although some of the players find Labo unnecessary, some curious actors or children could not normally remain indifferent to their brother Labo. all this attention and talk is already reflected in Nintendo‘s shares.

According to reports from the Financial Times, this announcement by Nintendo has contributed 2.4% to the firm’s rise in the stock market. When we hit this figure, Nintendo seems to have caught a $ 1.4 billion rise from just this announcement. According to analyst David Gibson, who works in the same publication, Nintendo‘s 2 game kits, which will be released in April, will reach sales of between 1 and 2 million and provide a net income of between $ 45 and $ 90 million to the company.

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