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Let’s take a look at the fight mechanics of the Fist of the North Star soon

Sega plans to draw attention of players in Europe, America and Asia with the Yakuza game coming out soon. Yakuza, although related to Japanese culture, is now well known outside most of Japan. They are working on the video game of Fist of the North Star which is popular in Japan with yakuza. Sega has been making new videos and live broadcasts of the game since last month.

The theme of the videos this time is the fighting system

In the Fist of the North Star game, which has Yakuza’s bases, as you can see, fighting is very important. The fighting and battle scenarios are in the foreground, as is the case with manga and animation, but the fighting system looks great because Sega is an expert on this subject. In particular, Sega, with his character and legendary movements in the game, has released several trailers to show his fighting mechanics.

As can be understood by published trailers, the fight mechanics of the Fist of the North Star are more or less similar to those in Yakuza. It seems clear that this fighting system, which is packed with Kombolar, Quick Time Event (QTE) and jokes, will be appreciated by most people. Fist of the North Star will be available on PS4 platform on March 8, 2018. It is not yet clear whether the game, which is exclusively for Japan, will come to Europe or America.

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