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LoL’s new champion Kai iSa abilities became apparent

The talents of the new character of League of Legends, the most played MOBA game in the world, have been evident. Earlier, Kai’Sa’s announced talents that we were aware of coming from some leaked images were extremely strong. We can say that Riot Games executives keep updating the game constantly, making the players happy with the innovations they have made.


Kai’sa’s talents are as follows:




Scarring Wounds:


Kai’Sa’s normal attacks mark the opponents with plazas, giving increasingly additional magic damage. Plasma bursts after several overtop attacks and instant damage due to the amount of missing target.


The immobile effects of nearby teammates add plasma load to the rival.


Living Weapon:


Kai’Sa’s co-ordinated armor evolves according to the permanent qualities of his talents and the level of experience, adapting to his chosen fighting style.




Kai’sa has a large number of shots scattered equally around the rivalries around him. If you hit more than one shot at the same target, the target gets a little less damage.


Living Weapon:


The Icathia Strike shoots a lot more shots when the extra offensive power is added.




Kai’s first opponent hits it and fires a Nuclear energy beam that gives him magic damage and plasma burden.


Living Weapon:


Nothing adds up more damage to the ball when extra talent accumulates as much as the skill, and a portion of the waiting time is returned if a champion is hit.




Kai gains power for a short time, but can not attack. After collecting the required energy, he increases his attack speed for a few seconds by removing his greatest weapon.


Normal attacks reduce the duration of the Power Limit.


Living Weapon:


As soon as the attack speed is increased to the proper level, the Power Gatherer gains power for a short period of time while collecting power.




Kai’a is thrown at a very high speed near a champion pointed to by plasma. This is a long range. When it reaches its target, it gains a shield that absorbs damage for a short period of time.


More information about the character can be found at the League of Legends site.

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