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Lost Ark Online goes through the test phase after a long search

A large step was recorded in the development process of Lost Ark Online, which is played from an isometric point of view and combines hack ‘n’ slash items with RYO items. According to the developer team’s information, the game is now open for testing. According to the information published by ZDNet, developer studio Smilegate is already hiring people to test the game. Inspired by the Diablo series, the game looks pretty good thanks to new generation graphics and effects. Also, unlike Diablo, let’s say the game will not be played in chapters, but instead it will have a completely open world. It is said that Lost Ark Online, which is essentially an MMORPG game, will have a very large map.

At the end of Lost Ark Online’s development

Although the developer team has reported that they are looking for volunteer players to test the game, let’s say that they will be South Korean only. So when you enter the game like you are in other online South Korean games, you need to give South Korean citizenship number. Lost Ark Online can hope for a long wait in 2018.

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