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MB 2: A new nation has been announced for Bannerlord

Mount & Blade II: TaleWorlds Entertainment excites the players with Bannerlord videos, announcing a new nation for their new games. It is stated that this nation that took the name of Aserai was inspired by Arab tribes. For the Aserai nation, which is more pro-violent than other nations, we can say that they wrote the book of the war in the desert climate.


Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord’s Aserai nation announced

The blog post published for the Aserai nation is as follows:


Greetings, Kalradia Warriors!

To the south of the empire’s heart lies the Bronze Desert Nahasa surrounded by mountains of sunsets. A traveler from the passages of green lands first sees the sand dunes beneath the temperature haze, divided by gravel ovals and volcanic elevations. From time to time, it is also possible to find underground waters trapped beneath the collapse and valleys of the seller. These wild people have settled in. The legendary tribal leader, who each claimed to be an elder descendant of his own, but collectively Banu Athera or the ancestors of all of them, were divided into dozens of celebs and subclasses known as Aserai after Aserah.

Empire, even in the ascendant, did not favor sending legions, the remains that destroyed the armies. Instead, an infinite power show has reflected its power to Nahasa by cultivating customers and allies among the clans who are struggling. Clans able to keep safety in the wild have gained and gained empire support to protect the caravans passing through them. Those who could not enter the desert were left to raising goats and camels and raiding caravans until they planned a return. Today, with the new opportunities offered by the empire and the reduction of new risks, Aserai has agreed to form an alliance within the wealthiest clan, under the auspices of a sultan chosen from Banu Hulyan. But everybody knows that the show of power is only for a short time and will start again when the right moment comes.

Aserai, the measure and institutions of the seventh century, which did not fit the Bannerlord‘s political system and brought the caliphate of three continents wide. based on the Arab tribes just before the great Islamic conquest. Centuries ago, Arabs set up a series of alliances and kingdoms on the territories and borders of Arab and Syrian deserts. Although many famous battles took place during the Crusades especially in the Mediterranean coastal regions or in the high steppes of Anatolia, many consider the entire Middle East to be arid vacancies. It is also true that the center of Arab lands is mostly desert. Our landscapes reflect the tough beauty of sand dunes, rugged mountains and savagery with less attractive parts such as bushes and arid valleys.

The historians offer powerful portraits of tribal chieftains, kings and inter-ruled queens of Palmira, Kinda, Hirah and other principals of the deserts. Some are morally complicated characters who manage people in their own territories by deceiving, threatening, bribing, dancing, showcasing and shamelessly favoring men. The Aserai sultan Unqid was kneaded from the same dough. Warrior bards such as Imru al-Qais, Antara and Tarafa have not made their task easier. These untamed stray people used the passiveness of people’s experiences to write gadgets about deserted campgrounds, slowly erased secret love memories with winds and floods, and to switch to boast sequences that they wrote related to wars and swooping horses. We use Bannerlord’s new activity system to create a story of hatred and animosity that will test the calming and leadership ability of a future sultan.

The armies of the Middle East are popularly associated with equestrian archers, but in fact this is valid for about two centuries after the invasions of the Turks and the establishment of Islam. They fought with Arabs, short swords, long spears and simple archetypes. Warriors, as regular armies or individual champions, boast of their flexibility and agile fights with their sparkling spears. One of the Berber’s favorite weapons, the spears, came out early in the Islamic armies, and we have the Asherah, who can use them. All of them are a mixture of good units that are fairly well balanced against infantry and cavalry. The Arabs are proud of their horses; Aserai cultivars produced in grasslands also have unique characteristics. The Middle Eastern warriors were usually wearing an armor mix under richly textured fabrics. Bannelord’s physics model presents us with new options by passing flocks, horse tails and kaftans floating in the desert winds and the glory of these armies.


Aserai has small countries like all other Bannerlord cultures. Jawwallar, Caliphates throughout the history of Islam, the Sultan

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