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Metroid Prime 4 trailer may release in January

Like the Metroid Prime series, Super Mario and Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda series, it has always been able to offer players good games. The FPS action adventure series, the fourth game of the Metroid Prime series, was announced for the Nintendo Switch months after we remembered it. After a long search, we can meet in January with the first information about the new game of Metroid Prime series, which surprises the players.


Metroid Prime 4 trailer can be shown in Nintendo Direct presentation

Bandai Namco, assistant developer of Metroid Prime 4, has announced that he will show 5 games that we have not seen before in his own events that will take place tomorrow. According to the rumors, however, Bandai Namco may announce that the trailer for Metroid Prime 4 will arrive in January, according to the rumors. So we can see the announcement from Bandai Namco by tomorrow.

Metroid Prime 4 trailer

Will we see the new Metroid Prime 4 trailer in the Nintendo Direct presentation in January? Or will we not see? Personally, I’m pretty curious already. Thousands of people became Nintendo Switch owners after the Metroid Prime 4 announcement, which succeeded in adding quite a bit of value to their own.

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