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Monster Hunter World’s Japan ad is very interesting

Having succeeded in bringing the Monster Hunter brand to massive quantities over the years, Capcom is finally taking the brand out of the Nintendo consoles with the new game. The Monster Hunter, whose latest games have begun to identify with Nintendo but are not exclusive to Nintendo, can make great noise with the new game. In the weeks that we have left behind, the developers who set up the beta processes for the game will present the players with highly detailed game mechanics in the new game. A little time before the exit of the game, a new ad was released for Japan. We see that the famous actor of the country, Densha Otoko’s star Takayuki Yamada, plays the famous actor in the commercial, making imitations of the monsters in the cast. The ad is interesting, although interesting.

The ad for Monster Hunter World is a little different

I am wondering what developers will offer to the players, stating that the main scenario will last 45 hours in total. The PC version of the game that will be released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles on January 26th will be released later. As a co – op we recommend that you play your game solely with a fun experience.

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