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My Little Pony-inspired fighting game is coming soon

My Little Pony, which appeared in Indiegogo towards the end of 2012: Fighting is Magic was originally thought to be a joke by the community, but Lauren Faust of the project owner in Indiegogo has been identified. Lauren Faust, Powerpuff Girls, Foster’s Imaginary Friends Area, and My Little Pony. The Fighting is Magic project was created by itself, but Hasbro closed it in 2013.

Lauren Faust was still determined to continue

Lauren Faust was particularly upset by the fact that the company, which had the characters, had to shut down the project. Nevertheless, he continued to work on the project as “Them’s Fightin ‘Herds” with his own characters and studio. The release date of the game, which has been in production since 2014, has been released after a long while. The departure date is February 22. Below you can see the trailer that was posted on behalf of.

The production, which will be released in a few days, will work with the logic of the 2D fighting games (Skullgirls, Blazblue) on the market as it is understood from the video, and with the “Juggle Decay” to be added at the same time, the characters will become stronger towards the end of the combo.

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