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New announcements about the PC version of Anthem

Mass Effect, which received intense criticism: After Andromeda, it can be considered a kind of lifeblood for Anthem, jointly developed by BioWare and EA. During E3 2017, when the announcement was made, there are not many details about the game that draws attention to it and makes it almost impossible to forget about Mass Effect: Andromeda. Thanks to the players who are interested in the new game, we are getting new information about the game. Also, the answers of the suspicions of those waiting for the game also came. Here are some of the answers to some of the curious things about the game that can be played during EA Play 2018.

Responding to questions from curious followers, Brendon Holmes was the developer of the Anthem game. The first question directed at him was how the game would support the PC platform. The question directed to the developer; With a proper keyboard and mouse support, will it be faced with a bad optimization, whether the version for the game PC will go beyond a bad copy of the console. Brendon Holmes, who said the game was already developed on the PC platform, said the PC version would not be a console port.


Another question directed to the developer of the game concerned the weapons development system in the game. Question; weapons and armor levels would be used or would it be possible to use a different weapon development system by collecting content? The developer of the game stated that they were implementing a method of fragmentation from both. According to Brendon Holmes; In the Anthem game, according to the different playing styles of the players, the development of the weapons will take place, they will want to try the weapons they have found, Nevertheless, the developer who can develop and strengthen as weapons are used does not give more details about the mixture of these two systems.


These comments do not know how satisfying the game is for those who are waiting for curiosity, but Anthem seems to offer players a different experience. The developer team will endeavor to attract the weapons and armor development system in the most appropriate way. Let’s see, the game, which looks quite good from its videos, will be able to protect the same appreciation after we make the debut? We will be waiting for new developments.

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