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New character videos shared for Dynasty Warriors 9

New character promotion videos for Dynasty Warriors 9 continue to be released. With the support of KOEI Tecmo, the Dynasty Warriors game series will be released to the market, this time bringing innovations within itself. Developers who do not change the foundation of their fighting dynamics will only be driven to the game market by making some changes in the game combo system. According to what is said, the combo fan of characters is expanding considerably.

Dynasty Warriors 9

The new character videos posted for Dynasty Warriors 9 are very nice

In the new videos shared, we can see how the favorite characters of Dynasty Warriors series, Cao Pi, Lu Su, Zhenji, Lu Lingqi and Sima Yi will fight. According to weekly releases, the Dynasty Warriors 9 will be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on February 13, 2018.


We will try to bring a balance to the story of the new game which will tell the battle of the three kingdoms. As the most detailed and extensive content Dynasty Warriors game developed so far, we will fall into fear again among the big armies that will come out against us. The new production, which will include a different war system and more RPG elements than other games, seems to throw us among thousands of enemies and add dust to the atmosphere.

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