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New free content updates to Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World Lunastra is downloadable

Capcom’s popular game Monster Hunter World has been updated with new content. The name of the new update to the game is Lunastra. Lunastra added new content to Monster Hunter World along with the content update. The update is now downloadable.


New content updates for Monster Hunter World Lunastra is available

With Monster Hunter World‘s third free content update, Lunastra, the game Elder Dragon Lunastra is added. The Dragon Lunastra, which first entered the series with the Monster Hunter 2 game, will feature at the Monster Hunter World with new features and abilities. Team play will be very important in order to beat Lunastra. Elder Dragon Lunastra will deduct rare materials that can be combined with the Bazelgeuse Gem needed to open the Guts skill.


DaHa was first mentioned with the name Nintendo, especially when Nintendo caught on mobile platforms. The loyal followers of the series followed the exciting Monster Hunter game with excitement. In the past January, PlayStation 4, and the game that came out for the Xbox One, laughed Capcom’s face with success, which was quite well-liked and caught on expectation.

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