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New Freedom Planet 2 trailer released

Indie games play a big role today. Of course, there are also studios that are particularly successful with small games. Freedom Planet, released by GalaxyTrail in 2014, is one of the best examples of this situation. The studio, which planned to make a game in a style similar to Sade and Sonic the Hedgehog, caught the unexpected success.

Freedom Planet 2, with plenty of content coming soon “

As I have mentioned, Freedom Planet is in essence Sonic the Hedgehog. Graphically, gameplay is connected to extremely fast movements and attacks. Four of our cute characters will have new special powers and attacks on Freedom Planet 2. For those wondering how Freedom Planet 2 would look, a special trailer was published by GalaxyTrail.

New Freedom Planet 2 Trailer

As you can see in the trailer, Freedom Planet 2 is very much like the first game, but GalaxyTrail is planning to bring innovation with its new game in season and trying to stick to the old one. Trying to play with Steam Winter Sale, which is currently ongoing, may actually be the exact time.

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