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Overwatch Winter Wonderland 2017 contents

Overwatch’s winter event, Winter Wonderland 2017, began. In addition to the new costumes and emotelar added to the game, a total of 50 seasons were added. It is also worth noting that the content that came with the same activity last year has come back this year. If you missed a costume you liked last year, now is the time. You can examine the costumes below.

Overwatch Winter Wonderland 2017 contents

– Avalanche Bastion

– Rime Sombra

– Beachrat Junkrat

– Snow Owl Ana

– Casual Hanzo

– Ice Fisherman Roadhog

– Alpine: 76 Soldier 76

– Frosted Zarya

– Frostbite Pharah

– Santaclad Torbjorn

– Shiver Reaper

– Scrooge

– Mei-Rry

– Peppermint Sombra

– Jingle Tracer

– Nutcracker Zenyatta

– Rudolph Yeti

Overwatch Winter Wonderland 2017

The emotes added to the game are as follows:

– Puppy – Orisa

– Snowflake – Zenyatta

– Hat Trick – McRee

– Snowman – Mei

– Mystery Gift – Zarya

Highlight Intros added to the game are as follows:

– Snowball Fight – Reinhardt

– Snowflakes – Symetra

– Under the Mistletoe – Blackwidow

The Winter Wonderland 2017 event, with its beautiful content, will end on January 1st. In addition, game entrants will always get one free box.