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Oxenfree is free for a short time

Oxenfree is at the beginning of the productions that have recently mentioned the name of the independent gaming side. The first game for the PC and Xbox One was later followed by the PS4 version. Here, both the atmosphere and the positive comments received with the story of Oxenfree is noted for a short period of time is free.


Oxenfree was free in the GOG

The GOG version of the game will be available for free until December 21, which is tomorrow. All you have to do to get the game for free is to enter the system with your GOG account and add the game to your library. If you want to get the game for free, you can reach the GOG page here.


At Oxenfree, where supernatural events were happening, Alex was running a named character and trying to make the mysterious events on Edwards Island open. The game, which has a very different atmosphere, has come to the forefront with the dialogue system that changes the story in particular. If you like games in pixel-art style and have not played Oxenfree before, you can try this version. Those who are more interested in the game can look at the review on our site. You can look at the game’s promotional videos from the player below.

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