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Pirate ship emerged in Battlefield 1

The team of DICE, who brought Battle World 1 together with Battlefeild 1 to the players, released Turning Tides, the last expansion pack of the game, on days we left behind. Developers who have added Gallipoli to the game along with Turning Tides have not neglected to add an interesting Easter Egg to the game as well as new content. Thanks to this Easter Egg discovered by famous YouTuber Danny On PC, we can use pirate ship. If you want to use the pirate ship, you have to go to the Ottoman side of the game and steal the British ship which is named British Destroyer. If you steal the ship successfully, the flag of your ship becomes a pirate flag. But let me just say that this Easter Egg works only between these two countries. So if you do the application the opposite or differently, Easter Egg does not work.

There’s a pirate ship in Battlefield 1

If you are interested in additional package content of the game that has new content thanks to the Turning Tides package,

Two new maps – Cape Helles and Achi Baba

New operation – Gallipoli

New game mode – Conquest Assault

New weapons:


– Maschinenpistole M1912 / P.16 Storm

– M1917 Trench Carbine


– Farquhar-Hill Optical

– Farquhar-Hill Storm


– M1917 MG Low Weight

– M1917 MG Telescopic


– Type 38 Arisaka Infantry

– Carcano M91 Carbine

Melee (all kits)

– Naval Cutlass

– Grappling Hook

New vehicle – L-Class Destroyer

New Elite class – Infiltrator

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