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Red Dead Redemption 2 silence, reacts by fans

It is a continuation of a popular and appreciated video game, as it creates excitement. There are anticipations by fans of this game. By fans; there are videos about the game, requests for new information, requests for what to say. Let’s say, the developer of the game prepares a surprise, does not want to break the game with a lot of visuals, it is understandable here, but if something is promised, then the business is changing. Just as the Red Dead Redemption 2 game is postponed and the new details of the future are not coming.

It is known that the game will be on the market in the first quarter of 2018 by Rockstar Games. When the exit period was approaching, a postponement decision was announced and a note was posted. In this note; new information about Red Dead Redemption 2, which was postponed in the coming days, will be shared. Though it has been over a month since the note, the developer did not make a sound. This has led to the reaction of the Red Dead fan community. The community suffers from the frivolity of the Rockstar Games front and the postponement decisions that do not follow.

They are not unjustified either. Only two introductory videos have been released so far for the highly anticipated game. Very limited information was given about the game, and some of the information available is just rumors. The number of times the game is delayed is unclear, and when it says that it is coming any more, it is delayed until 2018. It was also the last point to put the word on in the weeks that came with the announcement of the last postponement and the official release date. Now the Red Dead community wants to raise their voice everywhere around the world, gathering fans and talking about the frivolity.

Called by the Red Dead community as follows: Are you open for Red Dead Redemption 2? Join other fans on the community form and discuss everything about the game. With this revolting call the interest in the game is not diminishing. Every story, each video is angry about their fans for the highly anticipated game but they are not giving up. Let’s see what kind of developments will take place from now on and will there be steps from the developer company about the subject? Whatever happens, Rockstar Games has to admit that, as always, he has managed to keep his games on the agenda, even without doing anything.

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