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Rumor: Our next target in Prey could be the Moon base

The original Prey, which appeared on the Xbox 360 and PC platforms in 2006, is actually a lot easier for most gamers. Prey, one of the most important productions of the time with the legendary beginning and story, was presented with the same name but a different story in May last year. The production, which was updated by Arkane Studios for a few months after it went out, seems to be forgotten afterwards. Taki Arkane Studios, until you post a shipment on Twitter.


We can go to the moon for special operations

Although it is thought to be a new add-on, the long-time players of the series think that this submission is a reference in-game. It is believed to be a reference to the rumors of a base located on the moon, but it is presumed that such a submission belongs to an update or additional paketto be released in the near future. Arkane Studios, who did the same for last year’s Dishonored 2, had a new story a few months later.

It looks like this kind of situation is going to be the same for Prey, we will all wait and see.