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Steam’s “Wish List” list has been reviewed and changed

The Steam platform, where Valve has these days, continues to be cleaned and refurbished. The producers who wanted to increase the sales and popularity of their games by tricking yesterday, were deleted from Steam’s database and were fired at some sort. Valve has now sprung up and developed the “Wish List” that the players have.


Games will now be easily accessible from the Wish List

It was pretty rude in the old Wish List system. If you want to buy or look at the features, you have to go to the store page and read the reviews there. On the new Wish List page you can see how much comments, prices, features and discounts are available for the games. Of course, if you want to take the game directly “Add to Cart” button is added. Although the addition of the Add to Cart button is fine, players will still be directed to the Store page to get the standard or custom versions of a production.

Valve had mentioned that this was only a minor change. According to Valve, with an interface update for Steam, Steam will look different again and have a more modern look.

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