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The Council Announced

The Council is preparing to confront the popular trend of the last century. In February 2018, the first part of The Council‘s The Mad Ones, which participated in the caravans that came out in sections, Big Bad Wolf’s game distribution is by Focus Home Entertainment.


The Council will come out in sections

When we look at the first explanations made about the game, we see that the production team is very ambitious. Unlike the games we have seen before, the choices we make will directly affect the game and it will change the course to a great extent. Among the information that comes in this issue is that some of the choices will force the players in the course of the game. You will also be told that the wrong choices will not mean “Game Over” and you will not be able to get those choices back.

The Council Announced

In 1793, we will have a character named Louis de Richet. The mysterious character Lord Mortimer’s special invitation will be waiting for mysterious events here, which will go to a land on the British coast. The vote also included characters such as former US president George Washington and Napoleon Bonaparte.

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