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The fan-made Overwatch map attracted Jeff Kaplan’s attention

Cairo, which is one of the concept maps of Overwatch, which is still played today, has never seen the day. A three-dimensional designer and artist named Joshua Llorente, who learned design by herself, made a card push map inspired by the Cairo she saw on the trailer. It may sound like a normal situation at first, but the interesting thing about it is that it was a map of Jeff Kaplan, one of Overwatch‘s main producers.

Looks like we can find this map in Overwatch’s library soon

Last week, Joshua, who shared photos on behalf of the map in the Overwatch subredition, did not expect it to attract so much attention. “You’ve done a great job, we’ll be communicating soon.” , Joshua posted a video on behalf of Harry’s appearance on Unreal Engine 4. You can watch the video from below.

As we saw on the video, the design, aesthetics and atmosphere are similar to the maps we saw in Overwatch. In particular, the map of the Cairo type, which received a positive comment from the community, came close to being able to add to the game in the near future. Designer Joshua has published photos at the same time on the map name, and photos are easily accessible from Artstation website.

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