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The first day of Kingdom Come: Deliverance will end with patch quotes

Kingdom Come: Deliverance, one of the most anticipated RPG games of the year 2018, is excited by the fighting mechanics and scenario that it has. When we add graphics and animations to the game of gravity, Kingdom Come: Deliverance can be the surprise game of this year. The first day of the game, which will be released for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles next to the PC platform, will be 23 GB. But let’s say that this update is for PlayStation 4.


Kingdom Come: Deliverance finishes on the first day

So it’s not clear how much of the first day of PC and Xbox One platforms will patch. The file size of the game is said to be 46GB. Personally, I am curious about what an update to the game half will change in the game.


Lastly, let me remind you once again that Kingdom Come: Deliverance will officially have Turkish language support. It’s a little impossible to play Kingdom Come: Deliverance, a RYO game with complex scenarios, without knowing a foreign language as you would expect.

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