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The Remastered version of Burnout Paradise is officially announced

Approaching the 2010s, Burnout Paradise, produced by EA and Criterion Games, received high marks from the players as it combines the new and old style of play, as well as the old Burnout games. Electronic Arts last night, without specifying anyone before, the future version of the remastered version of Burnout Paradise said with a trailer.


A legendary game plus eight equality packs equals entertainment!

With Burnout Paradise Remaster trailer, EA succeeds in attracting everyone’s attention, and will have eight add-on packages with one single game. At the same time, it is expected that the game’s servers will be reopened and online game support will be restored. As it is remastered, Burnout Paradise will of course work smoothly according to the platforms it is adapted to. EA also states that the fragment has 4K resolution and 60FPS capability.

Burnout Paradise Remastered, which will be available for sale on PC and PS4 platforms on March 16, 2018, has already easily managed to attract the attention of players. The production that will be out in about a month is no doubt that it will bring plenty of accidents and explosions like the first one.

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