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The weapons in the starting area of PUBG have been removed

You all know the pit of hell where PUBG collects all the players before the game begins. The bullets that come from your head , your final voice with the microphone and you think it is funny, your PUBG experience turns into regret here. PUBG Corp continues to work at its fastest pace on server lines, a situation that has recently been the most complained by players. Finally, the gun in the starting area of ​​the game etc. The equipment was removed from the game.

The weapons in the starting area of ​​PUBG have been removed

The reason for this is that the players chasing each other actually use the weapon as a load to the server. The PUBG team which applied such a method to increase server performance has also improved the performance of the game by shortening the field of view of parachuting by the players with the latest update. The game Steam is mentioned in the community update, especially when the players are talking about the late game connection problem. Players who can not connect to the island where the players are gathered and can enter the game on the plane, complains a lot on this issue. Meanwhile, players who enter the game after the new update may notice their random birth in different places of the island. This is a solution for the developer to improve server performance.

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