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Total War: ARENA opens on February 22 with many innovations

The Wargaming Alliance and the Creative Assembly announced today that they will eventually officially open on February 22 after a final check and analysis process of Total War: ARENA, which is open for testing by all players on February 12th. With the opening, it was stated that the fourth nation in the Carthaginian race will land in the squares. Brand new military units and game mechanics, headed by legendary commanders Hannibal Barca and Hasdrubal Barca, will be presented to the gamers on February 22nd. The most important of these units, of course, Hannibal, the first thing that comes to mind when you think War Filleri.

Total War: ARENA opens on February 22

Hannibal Barca was not only the best commander of Carthage but also one of the most important strategists of history. Even if they were very strong, such as the Filler, they were able to strategically use animals that were essentially bulky in battlefields. Another important Carthaginian commander, Hasdrubal Barca, is able to take down the morale of the enemy forces while strengthening their own war units.

Carriers possess strong and infantry units capable of playing an active role in all kinds of combat, as well as mobile infantry units. Of course not without mentioning War Fillers at this point. These units bring a total mechanics to Total War: ARENA. These units, which are almost invincible and can crush enemies under their strong legs, will make your competition very difficult. Cartoons are made up of agile units that can quickly adapt to the ever-changing battlefield dynamics, specializing in ambush tactics.


If you are ready to take over your fleet and take down your enemies, on February 22, you will be expected to be in Total War: ARENA. For more information about the game visit

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