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Total War: Arenas is played in teams began open beta

Total War : ARENA developed by the Wargaming Alliance, SEGA and Creative Assembly collaborations has opened its doors to all players as of today. In the online multiplayer version of the legendary series, players join massive battles on maps inspired by real battlefields of antiquity with teams of 10 players.


Total War: Arena released

The open beta adds a new nation, the Carthaginians, to the already existing Greeks, Romans and Barbarians. Players will be able to dominate the armor of Hannibal Barca and master the giant battlefield from the most important strategy masters of history.


Total War: At ARENA, players have to control the battlefield very well and determine their strategy correctly. It is of great importance to share the battlefield correctly, particularly in order to achieve teamwork and achievement.


Total War: ARENA Editor-in-Chief Evgeniy Shukin, “Total War: ARENA We are delighted to finally be able to share with all the world’s players. With the support of our players participating in the Beta processes, we were able to sign a game that would be easy for newcomers to adapt and win the likes of experienced players who have been following Total War games for years “.


Gabor Beressy, who is in the role of ARENA‘s game director as the director of Total War in the Creative Assembly, expressed his feelings, “We are delighted to finally present our passion for both tarihe and multi-player games to all gamers in open beta. “As we continue to enrich the game with new nations and features, we are looking forward to sharing our new Total War experience with our players.”


All winnings during the open beta will remain on your account as the game is officially released.


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