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Two Point Hospital released a new game video

Currently ongoing PC gamer activity, the promotions and new videos that will be released soon, will be presented to the audience. In the past, the Bullfrog game studio, which has managed to become quite popular with its simulator games, has merged with Lionhead, Mucky Foot and Sega, which have made other popular and quality work for the past year, announcing TwoPoint Hospital, the sequel to Theme Hospital.


“Dr. Feelbetter, you are expected to color the patient.”

PC Gamer was interviewed by the producers at Bullfrog with the participation of Two Point Hospital. It was not known what kind of game it was since the first trailer for Two Point Hospital. With the published interview, it seemed that Two Point Hospital was very similar to Theme Hospital and full of esprit as it was expected. You can watch the video of the building and the trailer from the following video.

Two Point Hospital will be sold for the PC platform towards the end of 2018. As seen in the video, the game will not only be a serious hospital job, but it will also be full of jokes like the old man, a few of which will be devoting the patients to being a mummy or giving a shine of colored illness.

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