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Video for Codemasters’ next race game Onrush

Codemasters is a studio so far known for rally and serious racing (a kind of motor sports). Nevertheless, the producer wants to go on top of the racing games, the last year of the PS4 had announced a special race game. It was clear that this new game, called Onrush, was very similar to the previous Motorstorm series. It has also been determined that several people in the studio working on the game have already come from Evolution Studios.


Confluence. Very soon.

Onrush, determined to take the PC platform in the past weeks, was reminded of the players with a tight trailer. A new trailer has been released by Codemasters for the production that blends elements of another racing game, Blur and Motorstorm. We can clearly see the vehicles in the round and how they will present a racing experience. At the same time, not only land vehicles, motorcycles, vans and rally cars are also in the category of vehicles that can be driven.

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