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Watch Dogs is Free!

Watch Dogs, a popular game from Ubisoft, was free on Ubisoft’s UPLAY platform. Watch Dogs, again free of charge during the past few months You can add Watch Dogs to the library until December 23, which is added to Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag and World in Conflict, which are free games this month. To add these games to your library, you can log in with your Uplay account and have them at the store free of charge. We recommend that you hold your hand quickly. Because the three games we talked about will be paid again on December 23.

About Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs is an open world action game developed on Ubisoft Montreal side and put on the market in 2014. ATI Pearce, the main character that can access all the electronic devices in the world thanks to a system named CtOS, used to use this system for his own purposes in the past. However, when his family is murdered because of unidentified assailants, he takes revenge and follows the family’s killers using the same system. The game that gathers the attention of the players in the period when they exit with different style, also published the second game this year.

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